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What is baby proofing?
It is essentially identifying and securing common
child safety hazards to prevent harm and greatly
reduce the risk of serious injury to your child. Besides some
common sense preventative measures, there are a number of safety devices available to help keep your baby safe. As the parent, you are the ultimate safety net, but you can't keep the baby in your arms 24/7. By baby proofing your home, you can allow your child to roam freely knowing that any potential hazards in the home have been secured or eliminated.

During your home evaluation, the consultant will do an extensive room-by- room walk-through of the entire home. They will identify potential hazards and make suggestions on how to secure the areas that could potentially cause injury to your child. After the walk-through, they will discuss all your options and determine which devices and products will best suit your needs.

We carry only the top-rated (by Consumer Reports) products and devices available and will show you all the options available for each safety issue. Examples of some of the safety products available include: custom fireplace hearth guards, toilet lid locks, outlet covers, magnetic cabinet latches, appliance locks, baby gates and door locks.

As you can see, these devices run the gamut and cover just about every room in the home. Our service takes the guesswork out of finding and installing the childproofing products that make the most sense for your home and living situation. Thus saving you time and money.

Baby Proof Now!Most of the safety products require very little to no installation. And then there are some safety products, such as baby gates and magnetic cabinet latches that you may prefer to have installed professionally. We offer a convenient and affordable installation service. For those of you who are handy with tools, we can still provide sound advice.

Your baby will become the most important person in your life and you'll want to do everything possible to ensure that person's safety, especially at home. At Baby Proof Now, we can help you do that. Our service allows you to baby proof your home with confidence. And don't forget the homes of the grand parents, other relatives or friends that may help care for your child.

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